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Clarke Silverglate

Innovative solutions. Decisive strategy. Focus.

Practice Areas

Mercer K. “Bud” Clarke

  • Mercer K. Clarke, Motions for Summary Judgment, in Defense Counsel Training Manual 322-327 (3d Ed. 2016).
  • Opening Statement from the Defense Perspective The Defense Speaks, 2006
  • Advocacy Practice and Procedure Committee Newsletter, International Association of Defense Counsel Newsletter 94/95 - 04 February; Products Liability Committee Newsletter
  • The Privilege of Self-Critical Analysis in the Context of Cases Involving Personal Injury or Injury to Property, International Association of Defense Counsel Newsletter 94/95 - 04, October.
  • FDA Preemption: How Far Has It Come and How Far Can It Go?, International Association of Defense Counsel, Drug, Device & Biotech Committee Newsletter, December 2006
  • Jury Selection from the Defense Perspective, Trial Tactics Defense Litigation Manual, DRI, 2006
  • Defending the Damages-Only Case, FDCC Quarterly, Spring, 2008

Spencer H. Silverglate

Francisco Ramos

Books, Author

Attorney Marketing 101
From Law School to Litigator
Go Motivate Yourself
The Associates’ Handbook
The Future of Law
SLDO Strategic Planning Manual
Training Your Law Firm Associates

Books, Editor
Leadership for Lawyers
The Deposition Manual and Leadership for Lawyers
The Defense Speaks
The Trial Tactics Defense Manual


Frank has written over 200 articles for lawyers and business professionals.

Wesley R. Parsons

The Inefficient Common Law, 92 Yale L.J. 862 (1983)
War and the Cycle of Relative Power, 74 Am. Pol. Sci. Rev. 947 (1980) (with Charles F. Doran)

Shannon P. McKenna

Throughout her career, Ms. McKenna has written numerous substantive articles on a variety of topics, including the Medicare Secondary Payer Act, Liens and Set Offs, voir dire, and preservation of error.  She has presented and co-presented these materials at local and state-wide seminars for insurance adjusters.  She has also appeared as a panel member and faculty at several conferences, including the Third District Court of Appeal’s 25th Anniversary seminar on Preserving Error:  The Tension Between Strategy and Appealability (April 2008); the National Juvenile Defender Center Teleconference on Shackling (December 2006); the 2001 National Legal Aid & Defender Association Conference; the 2001 South Florida IRS Congressional Seminar; and the 2001 Florida Statewide Meeting of Legal Service Providers.  Ms. McKenna has additionally presented and co-presented over 25 educational seminars to client and client-advocate groups on housing and personal income tax issues. 

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